BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One of Gov. Larry Hogan’s staffers who was fired over the weekend after social media posts he made about the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin were deemed inappropriate spoke to the media for the first time Monday, saying he’s considering pursuing legal action over his firing.

Arthur “Mac” Love, IV, formerly the deputy director of Hogan’s community initiative office, is now unemployed. He was fired for posting several memes on Facebook about the shootings linked to 17-year-old suspect Kyle Rittenhouse.

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The teen is charged with homicide after allegedly fatally shooting two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last Tuesday and seriously injuring a third person. The shooting came during protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man.

“I just want my life back,” Love said Monday. “I’m an innocent American.”

Watch the full news conference below:

Love said while he doesn’t want his job back, he doesn’t have any regrets about his post. He spoke to reporters surrounded by friends who vouched for his character.

“Mac Love is not a racist,” Love’s spokesperson and longtime friend Gary Collins said, calling him a victim of cancel culture.

On Facebook, Love posted an image of Rittenhouse shooting protesters on the street with the text “This is the definition of self-defense.” Another image showed a police officer giving a thumbs up, and writes, “Don’t be a thug if you can’t take a slug.”

Collins brought up a similar controversy involving Comptroller Peter Franchot’s chief of staff Len Foxwell, who in April wrote on social media that someone should, “lure (Trump supporters) into a big, big warehouse… bar the door and then let Darwin work his magic” amid the coronavirus pandemic. Foxwell apologized but did not step down amid calls for his resignation.

“It’s either both should go — Foxwell and Love — or neither,” Collins said.

Arthur ‘Mac’ Love, IV, speaks to reporters days after he was fired from the Hogan administration following social media posts about unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

While Love’s supporters argued he has a right to an opinion when he’s not at work, others felt differently.

“These posts are obviously totally inappropriate,” said Shareese Churchill, a spokeswoman for Gov. Hogan.

Steve McAdams, Executive Director for the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives, released the following statement:

“These divisive images and statements are inconsistent with the mission and core values of the Office of Community Initiatives. Earlier today, I relieved this employee of his duties. Kevin Craft, administrative director of the Governor’s Commission on African Affairs, will assume these duties effective immediately.”

Democrats called for Love’s dismissal after the social media posts became widely known.

“I was appalled by what I saw and what I read,” said Del. Darryl Barnes, the chair of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus.


“It’s the right thing to do,” said Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott. “You can’t have someone working in state government who is supporting a terrorist, who shot and killed people because they were protesting.”

Now state leaders are looking at how to avoid this from ever happening again.

“They also have to do a better job moving forward of weeding those people out beforehand,” Scott said.

“We must have these types of courageous conversations when we talk about systemic racism and the racial unrest that’s going on not only around the country but right here in the state of Maryland,” Del. Barnes said.

Annie Rose Ramos

Comments (10)
  1. King Julian says:

    his spokes person is right, the left think they are the only ones that the first amendment applies to and accept noting else, that my friends is prejudice , racism sister. next comes a government like Russia or China ( communism) where the government only accepts what they tell you to do, Then you become disappeared. If it sounds familiar that is what the local news channels 2,11,13 are doing now by only giving you the news they want you to hear.

  2. Pal Ent says:

    The man is a hero

  3. Goth says:

    Its amazing how fast actions are taken for this guy. Freedom of speech. Go out in the streets of Baltimore and do a real job try getting the crime rate down. Liberal media at its finest.

    1. Barry Hirsh says:

      It’s amazing how FASCIST actions are taken for this guy.

  4. Holly says:

    How was this a racist shooting when the two who were shot were white? Answer me that, Batman.

  5. SeeBothSides says:

    “divisive images and statements” or are they opinions? Arguably worse is the *Council President* finding the shooter guilty and labeling him a terrorist without all of the data, without any trial. If this doesn’t define “cancel culture” I don’t know what does.

  6. Jared says:

    Love’s post about the video that clearly shows Rittenhouse shooting and killing a person:

    “When you see a skateboard wielding Antifa chickens*** get smoked by an AR toting 17-yr-old.” along with a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio raising a glass of champagne.

    That is sickening and this guy does not deserve to work in the Governor’s admin. This is not about freedom of speech or cancel culture, this is about basic human decency. The person Rittenhouse shot and killed, Anthony Huber, was trying to protect others around him from an armed gunman who had just shot 2 others and Love openly mocked his death. I hope the people who have posted above me will read this and try to get a grip on reality and stop falling for dog whistle political tricks.

  7. Jimmy1981 says:

    It wasnt racist. He works directly under the Governor who is an elected politician. There is no room for worker’s freedom of speech as a worker of an elected politician. In other words he spoke without permission for all you slow people. Even the Governor should consult someone before posting or saying anything to the public. Have a great day!

  8. Tyree says:

    The man only spoke the truth, if he were serving under a democrat nothing would have been said. As far as the kid with the riffle, he’s gonna walk because they were shooting at him but fake news fails to report that part,

  9. Jared says:

    @Tyree, there is no evidence of another shooter. Almost the entire sequence was caught on camera. Go to the link below for a fairly complete timeline of events with videos taken by bystanders.

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