BALTIMORE (WJZ) — More bad news for commuters: Baltimore and Washington, D.C., have once again ranked among the worst cities in the country for driving.

The latest study from WalletHub ranked Baltimore the 14th-worst city to drive in, while D.C. came in at 15th-worst. The study looked at traffic safety, traffic and infrastructure, access to vehicles and cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance.

Both cities were among those with the highest likelihood of crashes. D.C. took extra dings in the study for its high parking rates and total number of hours drivers spent in congestion.


The results are in line with a 2019 Urban Mobility report that also listed both cities as having some of the worst traffic in the U.S. Not only are Baltimore’s roads near the bottom of the pack, but its drivers ranked the worst in the country last year, according to Allstate.

Want to hop in the car and find some traffic-free roads? Your best option will be Lincoln, Nebraska, followed by Raleigh, North Carolina and Corpus Christi, Texas, the study concluded. Oakland, California, came in dead last, one spot below Philadelphia.

CBS Baltimore Staff


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