BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Rep. Kweisi Mfume responded Monday to President Donald Trump’s latest tweets about Baltimore, saying Republican Kimberly Klacik and the president “deserve each other.”

In a statement Monday morning, the congressman urged President Trump to focus less on bashing Baltimore and more on the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Donald Trump and my opponent are two of a kind. They love each other, but more importantly they deserve each other. Mr. Trump will soon find out that he can’t tell the people of Baltimore City, Baltimore County or Howard County how to vote, or who to vote for. Instead of Baltimore bashing how about showing a little leadership in the middle of a pandemic Mr. President… Now tweet that!” Mfume said.

Over three tweets Sunday morning, the president urged voters in the 7th congressional district, which also includes portions of Baltimore and Howard counties, to elect Republican Kimberly Klacik this fall.

“Be smart Baltimore! You have been ripped off for years by the Democrats, & gotten nothing but poverty & crime. It will only get worse UNLESS YOU ELECT KIMBERLY KLACIK TO CONGRESS. She brings with her the power & ECONOMIC STRENGTH OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY,” Trump tweeted in part.

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The latest war of words led a group of Klacik supporters to hold a rally. One of the attendees, Chuck Linton, said Trump and Klacik are the only ones telling the truth about the city.

Linton, a veteran, was also featured in a viral ad from Klacik’s campaign last month.

Some Baltimoreans, though, agreed with Mfume.

“I will not let Donald Trump or anybody else downgrade my city,” one man said.


The president and local leaders exchanged words last year on Twitter as well after Klacik tweeted videos that led Trump to call the city “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Annie Rose Ramos

Comments (10)
  1. King Julian says:

    the TRUTH hurts doesn’t it Kweisi, no defense for it ,you guys have been in charge for over 50 years in Baltimore and it continues to get worse. As they say keep trying the same thing over and over , failing each time is the definition of insanity.

  2. chrissfarmer says:

    If B’more is so bad, Trump should stop coming to it and using Ft. McHenry as a backdrop for his pretending to be patriotic photo ops.

    Julian, as usual you are wrong. Insanity is not when you keep failing, it is when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. BTW Trump is the POTUS of all 50 states, not just the red ones.. Maryland has a GOP Governor, things should be perfect, right? Trump’s campaign promises were to all 50 states, it seems he has not done too well here. He does not get to pick and chose. Baltimore is a great city, with room for improvement like any. If Trump thinks he is so smart, he should do something positive instead of doing what he does best, flapping his lips and Tweeting lies.

    Klacik is willing to be a token for Trump and she seems to think abandoned houses are the city’s worst problem. They are not. She has a degree in “hospitality management”, she should stick to that. She can’t even figured out the big problems in Baltimore and I find it hysterical a racist like you is pushing someone Black. Her 15 minutes of fame as a token Black GOP are over.

  3. V says:

    If you want to know why Baltimore is a so called dump I suggest you ask Ben Carson Trump’s token African American cabinet member who is in charge of HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPMMENT who has done NOTHING for the city.

    In that silly video what she is complaining about is what Carson should have fixed. Klacik is totally unqualified and the fact she sucks up to Trump is reason enough not to elect Black Barbie as Trump will be gone and so will she. Elect someone qualified who can work with the Biden admin & that’s not her.

    Maryland is a great state and Baltimore does not have any problems other large cities don’t have. Unemployment & the poor economy is a result of 3 1/2 years of Trump. If you want to see what a Republican run big city looks like, check out Oklahoma City THAT’S A CESSPOOL & we escaped it.

  4. Jack Schitt says:

    ha ha yeah be smart- vote out Trump and weak do nothing lying poorly educated Republican RACIST trash who supports big business and the wealthy whiteys

  5. Bob Hill says:

    Sadly Trump is right on this, at least one of the worst and we the voters allow it

  6. stemarhan says:

    Baltimore is the most pathetic city in the nation – plain and simple. Professional politician Mfume has made a nice living for himself and earned a sweet federal pension doing absolutely nothing for this pathetic city. How many cities in the U.S. – or the world for that matter – have to call for weekend “cease fires” in desperate attempts to address the murder epidemic.

  7. make racists afraid again says:

    How smart is it to be the POTUS who campaigned that he was going to restore law & order and then point out a failure on your watch?

  8. Tyree says:

    The Democrats are responsible for what has happened in Baltimore.. Make no mistake about it, I place blame where it belongs and that’s with the white liberals who through high taxes,poor education system and lack of law and order have totally wreck this once great city. Take heed white libs, you are getting the boot, hit the bricks cause you mother-lovers are GOING OUT. I can tell you a lot of black folks have seen the light and we are no-longer sipping from the white liberal crack cup.

  9. V says:

    If trump hates Baltimore so much he should stay the eff out of it. If trump doesn’t like it that’s fine by me.

    Tyree- which “white liberal” is in charge of Baltimore? Being sick of crime is not a white or black thing, everyone should be. Of course most of the murderers and drug dealers are black, so the black community needs to heal itself. It is not whitey that is doing the drug dealin shootin & lootin its black folks. Not sayin all blacks folks are bad problem is most are good but will not get up off their butts to get and keep the drugs & guns out of their community- that is where it needs to happen. to start

    They city has the same problems all big cities do including ones with GOP mayors Trump is the one who promised to bring back law and order so ask HIM why he hasn’t. Trump is the effing President so what has HE done for Baltimore?

  10. Tyree says:

    First off, you referred to Dr. Carson as a “token” which I find offensive, furthermore when I read your post the racist overtones shine through…..You are the prime example….fake white liberal. Now go put your BLM sign on your lawn and wear your BLM shirt like a good fake white liberal.

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