BALTIMORE (WJZ) — His spirit and incredible outlook captured Baltimore’s hearts, and now a group is looking to honor the legendary Mo Gaba by buying an entire section of cutouts at M&T Bank Stadium in his honor.

There won’t be any fans to start the fall football season, so instead, the Ravens are selling cutouts to occupy the seats. This gave people an idea: to buy out an entire section of 575 seats for the young man who left his mark on the city.

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“You meet him once and you understand the hype,” said Dean Tejeda with Thread Level Midnight.

The Baltimore superfan and sports talk show host died in late July after a lifelong battle with cancer. But those he touched during his short time on Earth are determined to make his legacy live on.

“His positivity, his statement of ‘make every day a win,’ I think is just how we can all live our lives,” said Kris Ruhling with Great 8’s Memorabilia.

When the Ravens announced they would be selling cutouts to occupy the seats at the stadium, Kris Ruhling knew Mo deserved his spot at the Bank.


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“We couldn’t think of anybody else to put in the stand other than our buddy Mo,” Ruhling said.

One seat for the unforgettable young man, though, simply wasn’t enough, so working with the Ravens, they secured off an entire section to be sold to fans looking to honor Mo. As of Monday night, they reached their goal of 575.

“I think that when people tune in, and they see Mo’s face there, they will know that his spirit is alive and well in this city,” Ruhling said.

People who purchase a Mo cutout will also receive a “Make Every Day A Win” T-shirt Tejada designed.

“He was told every great radio host has a tagline at the end of their show, and his was “make every day a win.” So Lihn, his caretaker, and Sonsy, his mom, said that would be amazing on a shirt,” Tejeda said.

It’s a way to say thank you to a young man who inspired a city and to make sure his presence will now be felt both in the stands as well as up above.

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Cutouts are $65. To learn more, click here.

Sean Streicher