By Annie Rose Ramos

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — At Pier 5 in the Inner Harbor, a tugboat captain is teaching Baltimore’s inner-city youth about the maritime industry.

Captain Darwin Peguese invited the city’s young and eager to come on board.

“Unless you have an opportunity to actually work onboard one of these vessels, you really have no opportunity to get into the industry,” he said.

Until now, young adults like Rodney had never been on a boat.

“I have no experience working on a boat,” he said. “It’s my first time doing stuff like this. I love it!”

Now Rodney is part of a crew, along with D.J., Evan and Tyler, learning something new.

“These opportunities should be available to the inner city because it’s so close to them,” Evan said.

“Becoming a merchant seaman gives you access to freedom that you need to be able to explore this port which is the gateway to the world,” Captain Peguese said.

For more information on Captain Peguese’s apprenticeship program, email him at

Annie Rose Ramos


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