OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh was contemplating the idea of wearing a face shield during the team’s season opener against the Cleveland Browns Sunday. Then, he saw what happened to Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid on Thursday night.

“I dismissed that after last night,” Harbaugh said when asked about the shield after Friday’s practice.

Reid’s face shield began fogging up early in the Thursday night contest and continued to worsen throughout the evening leading to plenty of jokes on Twitter.

For Harbaugh, the face shield was getting consideration because he normally wears glasses that fog up in humid weather. However, after trying one on, and seeing Reid Thursday night, he decided to go a different direction.

“I did look in the mirror, and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t think so,'” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh has favored a neck gaiter throughout the Ravens training camp and practices leading up to Week 1, so that could be an option for him on the sidelines this weekend when the Cleveland Browns come to town. There is also the option of the more traditional face mask which Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien wore on the sidelines during the course of the Thursday night tilt.

Harbaugh and Reid have a history together that goes back to their days with the Philadelphia Eagles so the Ravens coach couldn’t resist getting a shot in at his friend saying his wife Ingrid made a joke at Reid expense.

“She did mention to me, in the Kansas City area, there’s going to be a lot of Halloween outfits with face shields and mustaches — and foggy face shields,” Harbaugh said via ESPN. “So, wow, that’s tough.”

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. King Julian says:

    hopefully the ravens stay in the locker room, they come out and kneel , may they lose all the games

  2. Joe g says:

    Seeing all of the news stories and clips from the 911 attacks in recent days reminded all of us how pro athletes were proud to show their allegiance to America with the flags they waved and wore , and all of the NYPD hats and shirts they donned as a tribute to the fallen men and women they once respected…. who can ever forget Sammy Sosa waving the flag on the first MLB game?…. if racism has been alive in America as far back as they say, why did they honor the country and first responders back then? I didnt see anyone trashing Police cars, ambulances or firetrucks.. Donald Trump, citizen of NY and businessman back then, donated money to help the first responders.. the media loved him… what changed you might ask?… The left-controlled media started all the hatred and continues to fuel the fire because their ” landslide , guaranteed winner” Hillary LOST… Reports show ratings for the first NFL game of the year went down 50% from last years first game… good.. maybe they’ll get the message from the rest of America instead of bowing down to the rich, spoiled , bullies that take the field ……

  3. don says:

    Must have been very damaging being the dumbest kid in your school growing up.

  4. chrissfarmer says:

    Julian is the loser today. FREEDOM means you have the right to make your own decision and sit, stand or kneel.

    If you want to be forced to be “patriotic” move to North Korea.

  5. chrissfarmer says:

    They have made it clear that they are NOT protesting the country, they are protesting the racism that the right is spewing as they attempt to divide the country. Racism still exists, there is no doubt about that, you are living proof. Just like Trump you think ratings are everything. Football is ultimately a business, they are going about it. Watch it or don’t. We have freedom here, the state does not control and censor TV, so you have lots of choices. Watch football on FOX, game shows or watch Martha Stewart make cupcakes. Only ONE player took a knee Thursday night, something he had every right to do as he lives in America, a free country where we are not forced to cheer, salute, wave flags and wear dear leader lapel pins. Do you seriously think waving a flag makes one a patriot? A flag is a piece of cloth and most ceremonies after 911 were held to remember those who perished. People responded how they felt moved to and we had a POTUS back them who wanted to unite people, not divide them.

    Trump did NOT donate any money, he only promised to. “My office has reviewed the donations made in the nearly 12 months following the attacks – and we didn’t find evidence that he contributed a single cent to the victims, our first responders, and to our city through the Twin Towers Fund,” New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer. Feel free to verify that yourself.

    Trump also said he was at ground zero helping, which is a lie as that area was highly restricted for months and citizens were not allowed in to “help” or gawk. It was a crime scene and human remains had to be recovered, it was strictly off limits. There are no NYPD or FDNY officials who saw him there, they all stated they did not and he would not have been allowed in to help, no private citizens were. They also confirmed no crew of Trump employees were there to help, it was restricted and they have a record of everyone who was allowed into the area. Use a little logic, If he had been there, he would have made darn sure media would have been there to cover it.

    Trump also claimed he saw lots people dancing in the streets in Jersey City, NJ. You cannot see streets in NJ from Trump Tower, where he was. He did not see it on TV as no media footage of it existed, since it did not happen. BTW 15 or the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, a country where Trump is very happy to do business with. “Saudi Arabia, I like the Saudis, I make a lot of money with them. They buy all sorts of my stuff. All kinds of toys from Trump. They pay me millions and hundred of millions.”- Donald Trump 2015 at a rally. Of course, not like he would release his tax returns to check on this, but he said it.

    He lied about what he saw, he lied about helping and he lied about donating money. Clinton won the popular vote, Trump’s win was not a “landslide”. If you do not know lies from the truth you should not be voting. If you want rich and spoiled, check out the Trumps.

  6. Purple Man 2 says:

    Harbaugh looked great winning in his mask! Patriots who love America wear masks not red hats. I sup[port the players 110% GO RAVENS!

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