By Stetson Miller

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Protests continued in Baltimore and around the country this weekend to express outrage over the grand jury decision in Louisville, Kentucky in the Breonna Taylor case.

Dozens marched in downtown Saturday afternoon as a part of a community car caravan.  The protest ended in McKeldin Square with demonstrators vowing to continue to demonstrate until there’s justice.

Protestors filled the streets of Baltimore joining the many people across the country frustrated and angered by a grand jury’s decision not to charge three police officers with murder after the death of Breonna Taylor.

“We’re just speechless really. It’s a speechless moment that everybody knows that Breonna Taylor was shot to death by the police officers,” said Sharon Black of the People’s Power Assembly.


The outrage has been ongoing since Taylor’s death in March. Police shot and killed the emergency medical worker after serving a no-knock search warrant at her home.

Officials say Taylor’s boyfriend fired at officers during the encounter, thinking they were intruders. The grand jury indicted one officer in relation to shooting into the neighbor’s apartment. Two other officers who opened fire were not indicted.

The demonstrators gathered on North Charles and East 20th Streets then headed downtown driving in a caravan of cars and marching on foot chanting Taylor’s name and holding Black Lives Matter signs.

“Our demonstration is here to say that we demand justice. We demand that the police department there arrest the policemen that killed her,” said Rev. Annie Chambers of Peoples Power Assembly.

They ended here at McKeldin square with a rally demanding justice, not just for Taylor, but for others killed at the hands of police.

“Enough is enough and we will continue to march and continue to fight and demonstrate until we do get justice,” Chambers said.

This wasn’t the first protest here in Baltimore after the jury’s decision in the case. They were also demonstrations on Thursday and many are continuing to plan to march.


Stetson Miller

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  1. Joe G says:

    She was a drug dealer hanging with other drug dealers. The police served a warrant for her and apartment. She put herself in that situation. Stop felling sorry for criminals. If she would have been gunned down by another drug dealer, she would have become just another statistic. No one would be “saying her name”. No one would be rioting in the streets. Just like when the thousands of other black people are killed every year by their own, no one cares,,,,,,unless Police can be blamed for it while doing their job to protect the citizens of those communities. Stop the nonsense and worry about your own families and not some random criminal.

  2. King Julian says:

    have fun, may you enjoy the wet and cold weather

  3. King Julian says:

    i wonder when they will say “enough is enough” about the 300 + black on black murders in their city. they truly don’t care about black lives or anyone else for that matter

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