BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Erin Richmond’s lemonade stand is offering up much more than just a refreshing drink.

“I just want to celebrate differences and diversities,” Richmond said.

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It’s serving up a lesson on being kind.

Richmond was born with a craniofacial condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition in which the cheek and jaw bones in the face are underdeveloped or missing.

She said she has had over 50 reconstructive surgeries- some lasting up to 14 and a half hours long.

“I had moments when people stared I had moments when people pointed or asked questions,” Richmond said.

At a young age, she learned to embrace her differences.

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Now, with her two boys in school, Richmond said she wanted to bring awareness about craniofacial conditions, starting in her own neighborhood.

Her kindness stand outside her home in Fallston is a place for kids to come together, ask questions and learn how to be inclusive.

“It just makes them more open and understanding and building that empathy and compassion,” said neighbor Alex Lawhon.

So with every glass of lemonade is the start of a conversation. She said she hopes her story will inspire others to embrace their differences.

“Hopefully give hope and empower those with differences to celebrate their differences because we’re all different in our ways we’re all special and unique in our own ways,” Richmond said.

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Richmond said she hopes that by having this lemonade stand like this and by sharing her story, more kids who might be dealing with the same emotions can open up.

Kelsey Kushner