TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — In the midst of legislation sitting in the Senate on police reform, the Baltimore County Police Department is providing lawmakers a glimpse into what it’s like in their own shoes during critical incidents.

It’s a split-second decision police officers have to make: to use or to not use force.

The Baltimore County Police Department is sharing a glimpse of what it’s like to be in their shoes during critical incidents.

The goal is to be transparent with the public and provide those considering changes to police reform some insight into what an officer goes through when the use of force becomes an issue.


“We want our officers to have a simple understanding, a simple methodology to use to work their way through these critical incidents so that we’re able to deescalate those we can,” Lt. Anthony Dicara, Commander of Training Academy at the Baltimore County Police Department, said.

The virtual simulation plays out real-time scenarios, offering multiple solutions and outcomes depending on how the participant reacts.

It’s hands-on training like this officers say is key to providing multiple perspectives on critical decision-making scenarios they might not otherwise experience.

“It’s like a baseball player coming up to bat for the very first time in the World Series, the bottom of the 9th, you want to have as much training and prepare officers for all types of situations,” Rodney Hill, Chief Legal Officer at the Baltimore County Police Department, said.

So far, Baltimore County lawmakers, as well as the county council, have participated in this simulation.


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