CLEVELAND, Ohio. (WJZ) — President Donald Trump on Tuesday once again took aim at Baltimore and other Democratic-run cities in the U.S. during the first Presidental Debate of 2020.

When talking about violence in the U.S., President Trump said, “The Democrats that run these cities don’t want law and order.”

President Trump mentioned Baltimore, Portland and Seattle, among others.

‘Keep Baltimore Out Of Your Mouth’ | Council President Brandon Scott Fires Back After Trump Takes Aim At Baltimore During Debate

In September, the president took aim at Baltimore in a series of tweets, calling the city “the WORST IN [sic] NATION.”

Over three tweets, President Trump urged voters in the 7th congressional district, which also includes portions of Baltimore and Howard counties, to elect Republican Kimberly Klacik this fall. Klacik is facing off again against Rep. Kweisi Mfume, who took over the spot left vacant following the death of Rep. Elijah Cummings.

“Be smart Baltimore! You have been ripped off for years by the Democrats, & gotten nothing but poverty & crime,” the tweet said.

In July 2019, President Trump also tweeted about Baltimore, while criticizing the late Rep. Elijah Cummings.

In a series of tweets, the president called Baltimore “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”

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  1. Retired teacher says:

    Trump seems to forget that GOP cities have the same problems and he is President of all 50 states, not just the red ones. Almost EVERY city in the country has poverty and crime.

    What are the top 5 states for murder rate? Here they are and what do they all have in common?

    Louisiana (14.4 per 100k)
    Alabama (12.9 per 100k)
    Mississippi (12.7 per 100k)
    Missouri (11.3 per 100k)
    Alaska (10.6 per 100k)

    Red states, folks, very red Trump lovin’ states with lenient gun laws.

    His only “answer” is to send in goons to beat, shoot and gas people who are PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY assembled and have them shoved into unmarked vans for the crime of walking down the street. As we have seen that does not work, it just makes things worse. Tonight he told notorious violent white supremacists to “stand by”, yeah, that will bring peace, great tactic. Even most white people do not like that sort of violent criminals. He accuses all people peacefully and legally protesting of rioting, looting and burning when that is not true. He gassed people for the “crime” of being in the way of his Bible waving photo op publicity stunt. One of them was a minister from that church handing out free masks. There was no riot, no curfew violation, no nothing. They were just people in a park, no crime in that. His “solution” only caused more problems. Trump should open up that prop Bible and read it sometime…if he even can read.

    Maryland has a Republican Governor, ask him why Baltimore has problems.

    If Trump hates Baltimore so much, he should stop using Ft. McHenry as a prop for his publicity stunt photo ops. He would best go to a large city where they love him… like Moscow.

    1. #BlueLivesMatter says:

      Excuses excuses. 30+ yrs and a decaying broke out of control violent city is all this city has to show from the corrupt democrats. You has your chances to make this city grow and have failred to the highest! Keep voting in the same corrupt democratic trash in over and over, DON”T expect any changes…Why all the corrupt democratic leaders went to jail this year, wouldn’t be because they are greedy money mongers and breached their oath of office????? HUH???

    2. Jayr Coker says:

      Either you don’t live in Baltimore or you are just in denial…Baltimore City is a hell hole. Company’s are leaving left and right and the CEO’s of those company’s are not shy in saying why they are leaving. BALTIMORE IT UNSAFE!!!

  2. #BlueLivesMatter says:

    That’s the motto of these corrupt democrats, they do not like or believe in accountability for their constant failures! The truth hurts Brandon?? Baltimore is a dirty decaying violent democratic legacy! The usual blind eye by the democrats in city hall…

  3. Terrence says:

    Retired teacher, it’s an old trick but you fail!! Don’t try to confuse the issue by comparing CITY murder rates with those of a few STATES. At least be honest and tell us which cities are driving the murder rates? And while you’re at it, are the leaders of those cities democrats? YOU GOT CAUGHT!!!

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