BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The coronavirus pandemic has us spending more time on our electronics than ever before.

For children who are learning virtually, that could be a real problem.

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Dr. Samantha Feldman, of the Krieger Eye Center from LifeBridge, said that limiting screen time is crucial for mental, physical and eye health.


However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is no way to do that for many children.

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Dr. Feldman offered a number of simple tips- one is what she calls “20-20-20.”

“Every 20 minutes, adjust the lighting of the screen and the lighting around the room,” Dr. Feldman said. “Use artificial tears, if you’re noticing dryness as a symptom. Really limiting the screen two hours before bed is what is the most helpful for getting a good night of sleep.”

Dr. Feldman is also urging parents to try to get children outside in natural light at least once or twice a day.

Also, if you notice your child is squinting or getting closer to the screen, it is probably a good time to get their vision checked.

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