BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On the second day voters can drop off ballots, Anne Arundel County’s motivated voters streamed through Glen Burnie High School.

“Pretty much a toss-up,” voter John Bell said.

WJZ wanted to talk to Anne Arundel County voters because it is the most “purple” county in the state, asking their take on Tuesday night’s showdown. And as suspected, the debate didn’t sway many people.

“So motivated. I’m not even voting for someone. I’m voting against someone,” said Biden voter Susan Giorgilli.

“Didn’t change my mind. Just reaffirmed what I believe. I’m a Republican. I support Trump. I think he’s doing a fantastic job,” said Trump voter Pete Borm.

In a divided county, a united opinion of the debate stood.

“Was it a debate?” said Biden voter Marie Sherman.

“Everybody talking over everybody, and they didn’t really accomplish a whole lot,” said voter John Bell.

“It seemed like there was a lot of hollering between one another,” said Trump voter Charles Saul.

“I thought it was silly. I thought they should have had a buzzer so every time Trump said something, the moderator could cut him off.” said Biden voter Tanya Hunter.

“It seemed like Chris Wallace seemed to be favoring Biden,” Borm said.

A CBS News Poll shows 69% of debate viewers were annoyed, count Biden voter Tanya Hunter as one of them.

“I was annoyed. He didn’t let Joe Biden say anything,” Hunter said.

With a pandemic running parallel to the campaign, Trump voter Charles Saul said he doesn’t see as much enthusiasm this year.

“No, probably less,” Saul said.

The Shermans are a car divided, but still seem to get along.

“It doesn’t bother me. She can vote for whoever she wants,” said Bob Sherman, a Trump voter.

“We’re not together. We’re divorced!” said Marie Sherman, a Biden voter.

Two more presidential debates are scheduled. Many Wednesday expect more of the same.

“It was as crazy as everything else that’s happened the last four years,” Giorgilli said.

Early voting at sites like the one at North County High School starts October 26. To find a drop box, check out your local Board of Elections.

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Election Day is November 3.

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