BALTIMORE (AP/WJZ) — President Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis has shaken the country and the world.

The White House said Friday President Donald Trump will spend a “few days” at a military hospital on the advice of his physicians after contracting COVID-19.

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Trump departed the White House by helicopter early Friday evening for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

President Trump Taken To Walter Reed National Military Medical Center For Further Medical Evaluation After Contracting COVID-19

The White House said that the visit is precautionary and that Trump will work from the hospital’s presidential suite, which is equipped to allow him to continue his official duties.

When Trump walked out of the White House, he was wearing a mask and gave a thumbs-up to reporters.

He also released a video on Twitter, saying, “I think I’m doing very well, but we’re going to make sure that things work out.”

Local doctors say President Trump’s diagnosis serves as a reminder for how easily the virus spreads.


“The president’s unfortunate sickness really highlights the value of mask-wearing, hand-washing and trying to avoid contact,” Dr. Neil Roy, Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sinai Hospital, said.

The president has traveled in and out of Maryland’s Joint Base Andrews in recent days during a busy campaign schedule.

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Last Saturday, he held a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania- an hour from the Maryland state line, attended by thousands.

Pennsylvania’s governor said the president’s rally showed a blatant disregard for his health orders.

The health department is advising anyone who believes they were exposed to the virus during the campaign rally get tested.

“Anybody who has been in any crowd, of any sort, for any reason where they find there have been people who have tested positive for COVID-19, you need to be very, very careful,” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said.

In August, a maskless President Trump interacted with tightly packed crowds at Fort McHenry during the Republican National Convention.

Baltimore’s mayor called it the height of hypocrisy and a violation of his health orders.

There are fears people could have been exposed to the virus during the presidential debate this week, including former vice president Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace, who flew home afterward to Anne Arundel County.

With so many unknowns about COVID-19, it’s hard to tell how difficult President Trump’s recovery will be.

“He may well come out of this completely better and having only some mild symptoms,” Dr. Roy said. “Or, he may get significantly sicker, and only time can tell.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tweeted, “Yumi and I are wishing President Trump and the First Lady a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and our prayers are with them both.”

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For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.