By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It is the first Monday of October and moving through this first full week of Fall we have a fine run of weather before us. 70°, 72°, and 76° the highs today through Wednesday. Even with a cold front diving across the area Wednesday night we still only see temps drop to the mid upper 60’s though the week end and into the weekend. And actually the word “fine” appears in the outlook description a couple of times.

In the Mid-Atlantic, in the Fall, we can get on runs like this. And if you have just moved here enjoy, and given the history of Fall in this area, you will most likely see more “Chamber of Commerce” seasonal weather. That would not be bad.

The leaves are starting to change out to our West, and several websites post pictures. Check them out. This weekend’s forecast is for darn near perfect road trip conditions. Drive just a couple of hours away and let the perfect socially distant day out begin!



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