By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

The start of this day was the hit of brisk that let me know the seasons have indeed changed. The normal overnight low is now 49°. This early A.M. we were anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees below that. There is nobody in their right mind that’s going to call 44° anything but “brisk,” though I did debate using the word “crisp” instead. (There is a fine line between the two. I think “crisp” would be a bit seasonally colder.) Very few bugs flying around the porch lights this morning too. Between the feel, and that visual, we had a legit “two for Tuesday.” Turns out the changing of the leaves are not the only hint of the new season, though it is the most visual unless you’re a Spider weaving a web near that light. #goinghungry

This next overnight fairly mild in the mid 50’s but by Thursday night into Friday morning I think “crisp” replaces “brisk.” But only for a short time. The temperature roller coaster still has “above normal” as the normal. When that changes the conversation as to, “is it like totally Fall yet” ends. My guess on that not until just past the 20th. Another two week or so.

While we are having that discussion let’s roll out when will the first snowfall happen. Oh let’s not go there but since I brought it up how about a week after Thanksgiving.

Time will tell about the seasons any my ability to tell the future.

(While we are talking about predicting the future why stop now,…how about Ravens over the Bengals large…) 😊



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