BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new film about to be released on HBO Max depicts a Baltimore teen facing some tough decisions; a life of crime, or a long walk on the straight and narrow.

In “Charm City Kings,” actor Jahi Di’Allo Winston plays “Mouse”, a city kid raised on the streets of west Baltimore.

“I just wanted to show the humanity in marginalized communities specifically in Baltimore,” Winston said.

Written by Baltimore native Jada Pinkett Smith, the film shows the harsh reality for some inner-city kids and the choices they have to make: often it’s the “right way” or the easy way.

Hollywood director Angel Manuel Soto said while shooting in Baltimore, he was reminded of where he grew up: Puerto Rico

“The people and the community reminded me a lot of home,” he said. “Same amazing passion and hospitable, beautiful people. That’s the charm in Charm City.”

Soto said the film couldn’t have been shot anywhere else because the city became a character in the plot and the bikers had talent like he’s never seen.

“I’ve never seen somebody tap dance on a wheelie with no hands, like how do you do that?” he said.

Soto said a “solid identity resides within the people of Baltimore”, and they drive the film.

“Baltimore is way more than the vilifications it gets,” Soto said. “The people are what makes Baltimore very, very special.”

You can stream the film Charm City Kings starting on Thursday, October 8, on HBO Max.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. Larry E Mosley says:

    You will NEVER solve this issue as long as there are neglectful single parent homes. IT IS THAT SIMPLE

  2. Joe G says:

    I was raised by a single mother in Baltimore City after my parents divorced when I was very young. She knew where I was and who I was hanging around with. I was forbidden to continue to hang with some friends after she realized they were going to be trouble. She was fully involved in my life at school and home until I was in high school , and only then was I given some slack. She never remarried or even brought boyfriends around until my brother and I were much older. She didn’t sleep around and have more kids that she knew she couldn’t afford. She never blamed her situation on anyone or anything and always worked hard to provide for us. The early years were very tough financially but we made the best of it. My brother and I were her only priority. Mrs. Smith says she wanted to convey the harsh realities of the choices these kids have to make. The kids SHOULDN’T have to make these decisions! Responsible parents should! Also, the bricks and cement and asphalt that make up the City aren’t the problem .It’s the people , plain and simple. If the irresponsible parents and City leaders own up to the problems and begin to change them , things will get better. If not, expect things to continue on the same downward spiral.

  3. Mike B says:

    Nothing like a Democrat run city where they Glorify Law Breaking Hood Rats.

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