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Hi Everyone!

A little behind the scenes of these blogs. I write them about 7:30 in the morning, and I am almost always listening to music as I do so. This morning it was Frank Sinatra, a live version of him singing, ‘That’s life!” You can find it on You Tube. Nobody could sing, and snap their fingers like Sinatra. Nobody. He snapped them with rhythm, and authority. I woke up with that song on auto play in my mind, and it really has to do with today’s really fine forecast. Look this afternoons sunny and 70° is a win, but not quite the 83° I saw on my car thermometer yesterday. “But that’ s life, SNAP, that’s what all the people say, SNAP, ridin’ high in April, shot down in May.” What a song, and so true, it’s all about change.

I like to call “it” the weather roller coaster, and as we discussed, yesterday, right now it is an easy ride. And will be again tomorrow before clouds from “Delta”, then rain from the remnants of the storm late Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. That will be our topic tomorrow, but let’s enjoy another beautiful October afternoon today. Yeah a gray and wet period coming up but as Frank sang, “But I don’t let it get me down cause this fine old world keeps spinin’ around”

That is life and that is today’s blog.


CBS Baltimore Staff


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