OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — If you’re headed to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend, you’re sure to see some rare and unusual cars.

That’s because it’s the Endless Summer Cruising Car Show.

The event features hot rods, classic cars and customized rides.

You can see the cars at the inlet parking lot, the Ocean City Convention Center lots and up and down Coastal Highway.

A special event zone is in effect- that means speed limits are lower and traffic fines are higher.

CBS Baltimore Staff

  1. Vicki says:

    My family and friends have been coming to both the May and October car shows for about 8 years. We normally have a 32 Ford roadster, 1964 Ford Fair Lane,65 & 06 Ford Mustangs with us and normally have enjoyed our weekends. This has come to the end of OC for us, It has gotten worse over the last few years. If you don’t want the car community there, Why hold car shows? I know there are many people there that deserve having cars impounded but I know for a fact that some were impounded for no good reason. If cars are legal in the state they are licensed in, how does MD have the right to say they are unsafe? I really hope our car community finds other places to attend shows that they are welcome in. I am in no way bashing the police, they are doing what they are told and I personally witnessed an impound that the owner & friends of the vehicle should have been arrested for the way they were treating the officers and tow truck operator. They would have deserved it. BUT not everyone acted this way or deserved the fines and impound fees, So the way it worked: Get Pulled over…. Fined… Towed To Impound….Paid Fines & Fees…. Get Towed out of Town….Pay that Fee. Thanks but NO THANKS. GOOD BYE OC

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