By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!


Easy weather and fun blogs this week, but as I mentioned yesterday it time to lace up the shoes and get down to it.

Hurricane Delta will make a strong landfall tonight. Then eventually move to the upper Tennessee Valley where it will lose its circulation. And that will leave a big slug of rain to just meander East and over the Mid-Atlantic. It is than “gonna just amble around” movement that is making the timing of rain arriving, Sunday, difficult. But once it does begin to rain it will not abate until Tuesday. Abate but not be done. Tuesday still be quite damp. Estimated rain totals, for the event, will be in the 1 to 3 inch range with more South than North. But no matter where you are it will be a dreary forecast Monday, and Tuesday. And the word, “dreary” is actually the printed forecast description.

It is Friday and let’s not end on a downer, there is positive note about all this moisture. It WILL kick Fall’s colors into high gear. A good soaking is needed to spike the mechanism that brings on the color so that leaves just down turn brown and wither away. While we are under gray, and “bla” skies early on, just imagine how nice the next weekend might just look.

Stay well, and stay safe. Mask up Maryland!



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