PIKESVILLE, MD. (WJZ) — When a fire broke out in a Pikesville home, neighbors sprung into action- which is exactly what they were trained to do.

Amy and Howard Mazer were eating brunch with family when the home they lived in for 24 years went up in flames.

“Our son-in-law actually noticed a bright glow from the side of the kitchen window and went to look and saw pretty enormous flames and he told us he had a pretty significant fire and we just ran,” Howard said.

Sparked by ashes from a fire pit, the flames grew- and help was just blocks away sitting at their own breakfast table.

“My wife and I had just finished eating, I was finishing my coffee and my pager went off,” said Glenn Resnick, Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company.

Glenn and Kathleen Resnick are veteran firefighters with the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company. Their son Daniel is also a member.

“I went out the front door and saw a large column of smoke and I told my wife immediately that it was in the court, it’s on fire, call the station and have our gear brought over, I’m going to the scene,” Glenn said.

“I’ll never forget the look in his eye, nothing was going to stop him because he didn’t know that we all got out. He had no equipment on and then Kathleen followed him down,” Howard said.

“We wanted to make sure everyone was out, that was our immediate concern,” Kathleen added.

Thankfully, everyone was outside. Glenn and Kathleen then went to work collecting valuable information to relay to the responding firefighters, helping save the house.

“I’m not sure there are words to describe how grateful we are for their love and support. They’re inspirational act,” Amy said.

But to the Resnicks, it’s just neighbors helping neighbors.

Sean Streicher


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