BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Delegate Nick Mosby is speaking out about published reports he and his wife, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, owe thousands of dollars in back taxes to the IRS.

In a statement to WJZ, Delegate Mosby said:

“I have been in ongoing conversations with the IRS for five years about the tax consequences of an early withdrawal from my retirement savings plan, which I did to support unplanned expenses after a series of family tragedies. I expect to have the issue resolved in the coming days.”

WJZ has reached out to Marilyn Mosby for comment, but have not yet heard back.


CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. Goth says:

    More corrupt leaders in Baltimore! The Mosby’s need to continue to be investigated. From the travel investigation to now this. How are they getting away with all the corruption?!

  2. Goth says:

    Another prime example of what is wrong with Baltimore. Follow the money. Corruption runs deep.

  3. Gerald P. Budd says:

    It’s all good. Yahoo News had her wife on comment on potential election violence but no questions on this tax avoidance issue. His comments are 11 days old and the Yahoo interview 5-6 days later, yet no resolution on their taxes in ‘coming days’, which means this will go away as long as the media stops asking me about it.

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