BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office will no longer authorize no-knock warrants following the death of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky earlier this year, a move the city’s police union called “completely irresponsible.”

The state’s attorney’s office shared a number of policy changes with WJZ, including the end of the no-knock warrant.

“Recent events, such as the tragic killing of Breonna Taylor, have shown that the ends do not justify the means. Seventeen states do not allow this tactic, and our office will also no longer sign off on this dangerous measure,” Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said in a note to staff which was shared with WJZ.

Other changes include asking for a bench warrant only for felony offenses and under certain circumstances.

“We are currently quashing warrants for offenses we are no longer prosecuting, dismissing pending cases for certain low-level offenses, and do not want people to be held unless absolutely necessary,” Mosby wrote.

The Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police blasted the change. In a statement, union president Mike Mancuso wrote in part:

“There is a time and place for no-knock warrants in law enforcement! A Judge should be the only person who decides whether a no-knock is warranted, after a thorough review of the probable cause in the affidavit.”

Mancuso went on to call the move “completely irresponsible and an overreach, though predictable.”


Baltimore Defense Attorney Warren Brown said officers sometimes use the tactic of no-knock warrants if necessary.

“It’s usually because of the safety of the officers or the fear of the evidence they expect to be there is going to be destroyed if they say ‘police, police,'” Brown said.

Taylor was shot and killed inside her Louisville, Kentucky, apartment on March 13 as police executed a warrant in a drug case. Taylor’s boyfriend told “CBS This Morning’s” Gayle King in an exclusive interview earlier this week he was “a million percent sure” the officers did not identify themselves as they claimed.

A grand jury declined to charge the officers in Taylor’s death but did charge one former officer, Brett Hankison, with wanton endangerment because some of his bullets hit a neighbor’s apartment.

Kelsey Kushner

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  1. Mike B says:

    Mosby should be in jail with the crook pugh.

  2. Stacey says:

    Mosby along with her husband will be in prison soon for not paying taxes. They’re all crooks down in the city.

  3. Joe G says:

    Once again, the brilliant leaders of Baltimore decide to enact policies that protect criminals…Breonna Taylor was a criminal who put herself into a dangerous situation(read all of the facts about her case and you will understand why the Police were coming for HER). Supposed “leaders” like Mosby need to put their feelings aside and take into consideration all of the law abiding citizens that they are putting in danger with these ridiculous new policies. (seems to me Mosby also needs the media and her sheep followers to be distracted by a new headline to help them forget about her and her crook husband- the timing is a little too convenient .) Keep voting in this type of leadership over and over…. crime in Baltimore will continue to get worse, just as it has for years now. New policies and laws enacted since the riots in honor of St.Freddie were supposed to improve the situation in Baltimore…did they?. Removing statues, allowing squeegee kids to extort money from citizens, banning plastics, encouraging kids on stolen dirt bikes to terrorize the streets….that’s what your City leaders have done for you.

  4. Goth says:

    Pay your taxes! Baltimore needs to rid the corruption. All Marilyn Mosby does is protect the criminals and go against the police. That is why Baltimore is filled with criminals and has the highest violent crime rate that just keeps going up! The leaders are so incompetent and the city is a disaster! The City leaders are a complete disgrace. Baltimore is a prime example of democratic leaders who line their pockets and “do nothing” for the working class citizens! They have run Baltimore in the ground. Wake up Baltimore stop voting for the ones who “do nothing”! Investigate- Marilyn Mosby did not know anything about the taxes and Nick Mosby has been talking to the IRS! which one is it- sorry but the IRS would not go after you unless you were avoiding paying taxes. This whole thing is corrupt yet nothing will be done. Vote them out!!!

  5. Scuba says:

    Mosby would also like to give a shout out to the good people over at the local BLM chapter for helping her reach this decision and for the personal 45k donation check to remove the IRS tax lien on her house.

  6. King Julian says:

    a rat infested hell hole now has a snake in the grass

  7. Jimmy says:

    Mosby’s order is mute, she is accused of tax evasion so she cannot rule on this or any matter regarding law.

  8. Baltimore is Doomed says:

    DId anyone else notice that Mosby’s minions behind her in the photo have the same hairdo as she does? Is that a requirement to work in her office, or do they just aspire to be like her?…..

  9. Goth says:

    Marilyn Mosby accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of travel from outside organizations and incorporated three businesses that she failed to disclose. The businesses are travel companies. Now they are not paying taxes. Baltimore taxpayers have a right to know exactly what is going on. Follow the money the corruption runs deep. Investigate and hold them accountable!

  10. Goth says:

    Maybe Marilyn Mosby can knock on the door.

    1. joe g says:

      Right!!. She’s willing to put Officers’ lives at risk to protect CRIMINALS.!!! And even sadder is the fact that people who live in those neighborhoods applaud her….. they cry about the crime rate, then are not willing to let the Police do their jobs. She and her crook husband should both go and knock politely on all the doors and ask the drug dealers, rapists, and murderers if it’s OK to come in and arrest them…..

  11. Goth says:

    Marilyn Mosby don’t care about police officers and she don’t care about the good citizens of Baltimore! Clearly she don’t care about Baltimore! According to the news she is out of state on travel more than she is in Baltimore. Her and her husband are here to line their pockets and are doing a good job of it! She keeps her votes by the liberal policy she gives protecting the criminals. Put her policy to work and when a no knock order is needed allow Mosby to be the first one to knock on that door!.

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