BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If it takes a good quarterback to know a good quarterback, then Lamar Jackson is in the big leagues.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the latest to heap praise on Jackson, whose breakout performance last season earned him numerous accolades.

Speaking on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, Rodgers said this in response to a question about being a talent evaluator:

“I was talking to somebody earlier. Just being able to throw the ball at a high level it can make up for a lot of different things. If you look at Lamar, as talented as Lamar is, athletically, he’s one of the fastest guys in the league. If you watched him in college, he could sling that thing. I mean he could really sling the ball. Big-time arm. Throwing it 75-80 yards. You just knew, one he’s supremely athletic. Two he can really throw it. So, footwork wise, he’s going to figure it out. With coaching and getting in that offense and timing up his feet with the drops, to me that wouldn’t have been a big issue. You just see his athletic ability and the things you just can’t coach.”

Still, the reigning league MVP is pacing behind where he was last season. In just the first five weeks, Jackson threw 11 touchdowns and racked up over 1,200 yards through the air. This year, through the first five weeks, Jackson has thrown just nine touchdowns and has yet to pass for 1,000 yards. Instead, it has been the Ravens defense leading the team to a 4-1 mark.

Despite a slow start to the season, Jackson said during a press conference Wednesday that he is not concerned about the team’s offensive production.

“We have guys running the ball very good for us and we’re winning so it really doesn’t matter. We’re 4-1, so it’s a plus for us right now,” Jackson told reporters. “As the season goes on, we’ll see if we need to [have me to run the ball more], coach will adjust. Right now, we’re doing perfectly fine without me running so much, so we’re doing good.”


The Ravens will face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 18. After their contest with the Eagles, the Ravens schedule only gets tougher- the Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans are among some of the opponents that await.

Through the first five weeks of the season, it’s looking as though the Ravens defense will need to continue to lead the way, as Jackson and company work to get in sync.

CBS Baltimore Staff


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