BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Residents in one southeast Baltimore neighborhood are upset after a street mural was recently painted over due to a change in ownership.

Patterson Park neighbors said it was much more than an image on a wall.

A vibrant icon that once shined on the side of this building at North Streeper and East Fairmont Avenue is no longer there.

Crystal Coache lives across from the former street mural, “It was inspiring and just beautiful.”

It could be seen for the last seven years.

“Lots of time you drive through the city and you don’t necessarily know what they mean,” said resident Kim Wiggins, “But that one was just purposeful in all levels.”

The artist Pablo Machioli created this “breathing peace” mural campaign with the intention to create a message of peace, unity and respect for our land.

A message, residents like Wiggins said we all need to be reminded of right now.

“People talked about how when they drove by, it gave them happiness,” she said.

Until recently, when neighbors noticed the property was sold and plans were in the works to paint over the community’s beloved street mural.

“So I activated some neighbors on the street right across from it and we got in touch with the developers and we thought there was a path to maybe restoring the mural,” Coache said.

But now, the colorful image is hidden behind grey paint.

“It just felt really sad and like a missed opportunity to potentially collaborate and save something that means a lot to people,” Coache said.

Community members said they understand sometimes things just can’t be saved.

“I would love to see in the future just more attention to the wishes of the community and even if the answer is no, perhaps there’s a way to say goodbye,” Coache said.

Moving forward, neighbors hope to come together and establish a new piece of art that will represent the Patterson Park community.

They said they’ve been in touch with the developer who is willing to work with the community on any ideas and open to helping out.

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