BROOKLYN, MD. (WJZ) — Police arrested a Brooklyn woman after they seized marijuana, THC oil and edibles as well as over $3,000 in cash during a traffic stop in Anne Arundel County on Saturday.

Officers stopped a woman driving in the area of Old Riverside Road and Edgevale Road West at around 11:50 p.m. They said they smelled marijuana from the car.

A search of the car found 317 grams of marijuana, 41 grams of THC oil, 576 grams of THC edibles and $3,075 of U.S. currency.

Credit: Anne Arundel County Police

Credit: Anne Arundel County Police

The driver, Amanda Sue Wilkins, 31, was arrested and charged accordingly.

Credit: Anne Arundel County Police

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. YN says:

    I wish we had a death penalty here for drug dealers- it works.

    Typical white trash

    1. John Thomas says:

      We would first have to start with the sellers of the addictive, much more harmful drug – alcohol. People who consume that poison are far more “trash” than consumers of near harmless marijuana.

  2. John Thomas says:

    It is only the fraudulently enacted prohibition that makes this a “crime.” Science and widespread experience have shown marijuana has no significant harms.

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