BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Inside a south Baltimore building is a family of women with purpose and passion.

They’re part of the non-profit “The Well.”

“You’re family automatically, that’s our rule,” Stacey Loveless said.

Step inside and you’ll be directed to their factory, lovingly referred to as “The Hive.” It’s where Loveless and her coworkers produce their signature bath and body products, “Hon’s Honey.”

Many of the women who come to The Well have survived some kind of trauma, exploitation, poverty or abuse. As soon as they walk through the door, they receive fellowship and training.

“I lost my house, my dog, my car, my job and I had no purpose,” Loveless said.

After losing her job of 22 years, Loveless said she fell back on drinking and was living on the streets of Annapolis.

Then, she connected with Mandy Memmel.

“Every woman who walks through that door finds a sense of belonging and identity every time she crosses the threshold,” Memmel said.

Memmel is the founder and executive director of the program. It provides courses on financial literacy, job training and parenting, among other skills.

“The life development that we do is critical for the future of our city,” she said.

Participants are able to apply these skills in business.

All of the Hon’s Honey products are locally sourced, hand-crafted, packaged and sold around the country. It’s even attracted buyers internationally.

“When you look at them and they’ve made a product all on their own, and you can see the glisten in their eyes because ‘I did that, I did that, I made that,'” Loveless said.

The Well is hosting a virtual event and fundraiser Friday night from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Rachel Menitoff


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