GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — Police in Anne Arundel county released information Saturday after an arrest made on October 19 went viral on social media.

According to the Anne Arundel County Police Department, officers initiated a traffic stop in the area of Shady Side Road and Deale Churchton Road.

While completing the traffic stop, officers obtained information that the passenger, Antoine Lee Wedington, 23, of Brooklyn, Maryland had two active arrest warrants through Anne Arundel County.

At that time, officers told Wedington of the active warrants and that he was under arrest.

The officers asked him to step out of the vehicle in order to take him into custody. The officers gave numerous verbal requests for Wedington to step out of the vehicle, according to police.

Police said, despite the officers’ efforts, Wedington refused to step out of the vehicle.

According to police, the officers gave multiple opportunities for Wedington to step out of the vehicle willingly.

Police said, as a result of Wedington refusing to step out of the vehicle, he was physically removed and placed under arrest.

Wedington was taken to the Anne Arundel County Detention Center for processing. He was charged with resisting arrest and served with the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Bench Warrant.

He made no complaint of injury during the course of the arrest, police said.

CBS Baltimore Staff

Comments (13)
  1. Jakealope says:

    What is all the chimping out about? The guy had warrants, resisted arrest then he was dragged out of the car. I guess blacks are godz and never must be arrested no matter what they do.

  2. nefayo says:

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  3. Mike B says:

    Black Hood Rats don’t believe in Laws. The Police should had let the K9s tear him a new a hole.

  4. Gerald P. Budd says:

    It’s all good. It is the year of the black male, maybe the decade, which means they are immune to most laws and the culture of single black parent households headed by their ladies, which is an astonishing 68.8%, leads to non-compliance and as long as there is a camera to record, they are immune, and garner ridiculous sympathy from social justice nitwits.

  5. King Julian says:

    yeah they will take legal action as the jerk has 2 arrest warrants they need an attorney for him

    1. King Julian says:

      also excellent job officers, we support you.

  6. Slinky says:

    I really miss “Live P.D.” It showed that they all act about the same no matter where they are. Must be in the DNA. The Hive must be located in or near Richland County, South Carolina.

  7. kenyatexas says:

    We are not gods.. just kings and queens. But he was dead wrong in this situation. Not every interaction with a cop and a person of color that some force is not a BLM moment.he did resist arrest, they did give him multiple warnings and he should go to jail. My people need to learn to comply and if cops are wrong then u can be vindicated later.

    1. Tre says:

      As a black man, I agree with the officers actions. Reading some of the above comments are quite infuriating because most of those above seem to think *all* black people act this ignorant. They are just as bad as Mr. Washington resisting arrest with their thinking. This “Slinky” person suggests that it’s probably “in the DNA”. Like black people are inherently aggressive, ignorant, or combative. This thinking from the people above and Mr. Washington’s belief he is above the law, leads to this reoccurring cycle and I’m frankly tired of it.

  8. Tyree says:

    This mindset is the problem in our community because no doubt he knew he had warrants, that’s why the other guy was filming. What they were hoping for was to catch some nonsense on film so they could cry racism and sue, instead they put their dysfunction on display for all to see.

  9. chrissfarmer says:

    In this particular case I do not see that the police did anything wrong. Sometimes they do, but not here. He was resisting and the video does not show any kind of choke maneuver, inappropriate use of guns or excessive force. They were just misdemeanor warrants & he is not a convicted felon, but they had every right to arrest him.

    Ignorant racist comments are just that, white people commit crimes and resist arrest too. There is also a “front page” story of a white man who assaulted a corrections office & escaped from jail. People of any race are both good and bad. Cops of any race are both good and bad. People of any race commit crimes and decide not to cooperate when police arrest them. What these cops did (as shown) was proper procedure. Kneeling on a handcuffed man’s neck until he dies is not.

  10. Back the Blue says:

    Let’s see Lebron, Oprah or any other anti-police celebrity come out about this video and praise the Police for doing their jobs and arresting a wanted criminal. So glad he thought he was smarter than everyone else and had his girlfriend record this typical display of what happens when a criminal knows his caught.

  11. CeMe says:

    Funny u jackals fail to read up from other sources that they didn’t know his name to know he had warrants plus why did they NOT make the warrants available for public examination. Racial bias means they assume that all blk men have warrants & the assumption is that the offense justifies the aggression. Off to the trailer park u go.

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