WASHINGTON (WJZ) – Justice Amy Coney Barrett took the judicial oath Tuesday and became the 115th Supreme Court Justice.

Justice Coney Barrett’s elevation to the High Court has been controversial. There were different reactions outside the Supreme Court.

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“I’m grateful. I’m grateful for Amy Coney Barrett. I support life, I’m pro-life, I’m pro-Constitution; she, I believe interprets the Constitution as written,” Stephanie Vukov, of California, said.

Elena Cura, a high schooler, rode her bike from Virginia to the Supreme Court. She said she’s concerned about the 6-3 conservative majority.

“Taking the stance that you have to follow the Constitution in every single way can have a very negative impact on a modern society that has changed in so many ways since the birth of the Constitution,” Cura said.

The decision in the U.S. Senate was along party lines. Democrats voted against the confirmation of Justice Coney Barrett, and all but one Republican voted yes. Americans who watched the vote play out have their own opinions.

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“I am very proud of the fact that she is a principled person, dedicated to her faith and family, which are all things that I hold dear. And I believe that people of principle will do the right thing,” Terry, from Michigan, told WJZ.

We are very disappointed by the rushed confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett,” Kate Corliss, a college student from Connecticut, said. “We don’t feel that she’s qualified. We don’t feel she is representative of all Americans’ true interests.”

Justice Coney Barrett pledged to do her “job without any fear or favor.” Her confirmation is expected to shift the High Court to a 6-3 conservative majority.

“This shift in vote, it’s terrifying to think that this could be our future with the older generation representing the younger generation and what we don’t stand for,” Ali Feder, a college student in Connecticut, said.

A United States Air Force veteran from California who supports the new justice said “To see that there is no celebration of the 5th female U.S. Supreme Court Justice, it’s all about a fear-mongering perspective of taking away health care and taking away women’s rights. I wound hope that young intelligent people are able to see a full perspective.”

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Justice Coney Barrett is 48-years-old and she could be on the High Court for decades. She replaced the liberal jurist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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