JARRETTSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland man is suing several Harford County officials after he refused to wear a mask at a polling center Monday and was arrested for trespassing.

According to Maryland court records, 52-year-old Daniel Swain is suing Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, the Harford County Board of Elections, Acting Director of the Harford County Board of Elections Kim Slusar and the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company & Board of Directors after he was arrested for trespassing Monday afternoon while attempting to vote.

Maryland Voter Arrested After Refusing To Wear Mask At Polling Location In Harford County, Police Say

Deputies were called to the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company, an early voting center, at around 2:46 p.m.

They were told two people inside the polling place were refusing to wear a mask, so election officials asked them to leave.

Responding deputies spoke with the two men for nearly 30 minutes. The second man complied and left the polling place; however, Swain continued to refuse to comply with the election judge’s directives.

Deputies said they arrested Swain when “it was clear there were no other options.”

According to court records, Swain filed a complaint for declaratory relief, a temporary restraining order and temporary and permanent injunctive relief — voting rights.

Police did note that he is not banned from the polling place and can still cast his ballot there if he follows the rules, according to the sheriff’s office.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office did not have any additional comment Wednesday: “We have nothing further beyond the statement that was released yesterday.”

The Harford County Board of Elections issued a statement Wednesday morning, which read:

“The Harford County Board of Elections has made, and will continue to make, every effort to afford each eligible voter the opportunity to exercise his or her constitutional right to vote. At the same time, we must protect the health of our citizens and the election staff by following Governor Hogan’s directives and the guidance of the Maryland State Board of Elections. Our goal is always a safe, fair and successful election.”

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CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. King Julian says:

    what an ass

  2. Sixty Six says:

    what an ass lock him up if you don’t want to wear a mask then get an absentee ballot moron

    one less vote for t’Rump I bet LOL

  3. Lottie says:

    People not wearing masks at indoor public places should all be arrested, especially if they do the right thing and try to throw them out and they insist on staying & infecting people. I took my mom to vote yesterday. She is 89, if she gets it she will probably die. Everyone needs to be wearing masks & distancing. Maybe you don’t care about yourself because you are more likely (NOT GUARANTEED) to survive, but anyone in a high risk group is likely to die or be very very sick requiring hospitalization. Trump was clearly in that group…and remember he got treatment & care the average person can’t and did not have to worry about paying for it.

  4. V says:

    whiny little pu$$y – just put on a mask dooshbag! If he is so afraid of masks he cannot wear one he should have requested an absentee ballot due to his mental illness of maskophopbia.

    If you don’t care about yourself that’s fine but masks also protect others from you and someone who won’t wear a mask is a danger to others, The mortality rate in some groups such as the elderly and people with serious health issues is very high. Try caring about them too!

  5. Hummer Wagon says:

    It’s not the government’s job to protect my health. It is their job to protect my rights. PERIOD!

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