By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

Election Day 2020 and that will be the, THE, story of the day, but to not let you know that a very dangerous hurricane named “Eta,” the 7th letter in the Greek alphabet, has big legs would be a disservice. Remember hurricane season runs until the end of this month.

Eta is coming ashore in Central America with winds of 180 mph — a Category 4 storm. Some modeling suggests a few locations will get over 40 inches of rain.

The storm will press inland then take a big sweeping turn back to the east and into the Gulf of Mexico where a bunch could happen, enough so that we will carefully watch Eta.

A storm like this one named Mitch in 1998 caused thousands of fatalities during not only its landfall and initial movement but through its entire life cycle. I can still remember the news footage of terrible flooding wiping out remote mountainous villages.

Short and to the point today. Stay weather aware.



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