By Sean Streicher

TOWSON, MD. (WJZ) — As we wait to hear the results of the election emotions are running high with many voters. This despite fair warning that it could take several days to receive the final tally.

So while there are certainly a range of emotions from relieved that it’s over, to anxious as they wait for results, doctors say both are perfectly valid feelings.

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One day removed from the 2020 presidential election and a winner has yet to be announced.

“I would have loved to have known something yesterday. I stayed up until 2, 3 o’clock in the morning but unfortunately that’s what we’re dealing with,” said Unique Anderson, voter.

Some states, like Pennsylvania say it could take days to tally up all the ballots, which has emotions running high.

“Sort of not feeling anything at the moment. I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen,” said Marvin Mills, voter.

All valid feelings after a contentious election season.

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“The unknown of anything can create more stress in anyone’s lives,” said Dr. Drew Pate, Chief of Psychiatry at LifeBridge Health.

“Something that affects us all, like the unknown, the few days of having to wait for the final presidential election result can create more of a national stress and sort of raises the level of anxiety across the entire community,” Dr. Pate said.

As we all wait for the results to roll in. Dr Pate said it’s a good idea to limit the amount of election related news you’re consuming.

“Give yourself a couple of times a day to do that. Don’t feel like you have to constantly sit and look at every minute of updates,” Dr. Pate said.

Regardless of who you voted for, Dr. Pate said once the results are announced we will have to work on moving forward.

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“I think it’s coming to a point where we can let this all get behind us, probably by Friday, since it’s Wednesday today, and they think in a more positive way of moving on and getting along with our lives,” Dr. Pate said.

Sean Streicher