BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

Wednesday begins a run of EPIC early November weather. EPIC, but not unusual. Just as we can have a chilly spring, as we had this year, we can have a warm early fall as we are having now.

Wednesday at 66° will be the coolest day of the next seven! Thursday will be in the upper 60’s, and now we are forecasting the low- to mid-70’s through the weekend. We are now keeping the forecast highs in the low 70’s through Tuesday of next week. EPIC!

It is never too early to make weekend plans, especially when “sunny and warm” is the weather headline. To be VERY honest, last weekend’s chill brought home the fact that we are back indoors, as in the house again, as COVID is keeping indoor gatherings in commercial establishments to a bare minimum. It is what it is. But this weekend we can go back to getting out comfortably, at least one more time, and end the pandemic house arrest.

Do not let this one slip by. A beautiful Saturday and a legit Sunday Funday lay ahead. EPIC.



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