BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As election workers work around the clock, demonstrators on both sides of the political divide have held protests across the country.

The razor-thin margin between the presidential candidates has put a spotlight on the political divide in the nation.

“It’s been very nerve-wracking, personally,” one Baltimore resident told WJZ.

“It will be hard to come back together as a nation after this,” another local said.

The question now for many is how to bridge the divide.

A professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, Dr. Rashawn Ray said, in order to unify, people have to be respectful, have healthy discussions and focus on similarities.

“Living beside someone who might have voted differently than you in the presidential election can be tough,” Dr. Ray said. “So what we have to do is get to a point where we can find common ground and then we need to aim to understand the other side.”

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