By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone! The sunrise this day was great. It went from bright, to tie dyed, to muted, then back to sun streamers. Every five minutes it changed.

Over all the sunrise and sunset are now showing the Fall and Winter reds and purples as opposed to the more yellow and orange sun shows we see in the later Spring and Summer.

Just my own thoughts here, not scientific. But I think the change in colors has to do with humidity and Summer’s stagnant air. It seems on the chilly less humid breezy day’s the light is not diffused quite as much. Again my own thoughts.

We watch the sunrise on TV’s here in a windowless Studio A. You with windows have a better view to be honest. I think that is why I am such a sunset freak because it is the only shot, I have, to see the color change in person. I make it a point to stop each evening and watch for a bit. It lowers the day’s blood pressure.

The weekend forecast is still on track to be epic. And the forecast for continued mild temps well into next week is showing great consistency. All quiet on the weather front.

Have a fun weekend, make it a safe one, and to quote that our governor, ”Wear the damn mask.”



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