BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re looking for a way to give back this holiday season, you might want to consider giving blood.

The American Red Cross says there will be a great need for blood this winter, and they’re hoping their holiday blood drives can help fill that need.

Charlie Wright has been donating blood for the past 40 years.

“I like to joke that I’m just here for the cookies,” Wright said.

Now a member of the 10 gallon club, Wright started donating when his mother was recovering from cancer.

“The reality is, this is just something I feel is really important,” Wright said.

As we head toward the holidays and flu season, all while COVID-19 numbers are once again starting to spike, the Red Cross said it is more important now than ever to donate.

“We service most of the hospitals in Maryland, almost all of the hospitals in Maryland, and the demand at almost all of the hospitals has gone up exponentially,” said Regina Booth Bratton, with American Red Cross.

Those looking to give back this holiday, by giving blood can do so knowing precautions have been taken to help ensure your safety. The Red Cross said they installed barriers, conduct temperature checks and require masks while donating.

“So we feel if we make it safe for them, they’ll keep coming back,” said Jereice Hawkins, specialist tech.

All people have to do is find a place to donate, and with multiple holiday blood drives planned throughout the state, that shouldn’t be hard.

“We have several coming up from now until December 23. It’s crucial because although we take a break during the holidays, patients don’t get a break, their treatment has to continue, so we have to be ready,” Bratton said.

Sean Streicher

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    It would have been nice to give a link to the Red Cross site, along with any other blood bank sites so a person could easily search them out. Thanks

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