BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland leaders have been congratulating President-Elect Joe Biden after CBS News and other outlets called the presidential election in the former Vice President’s favor. That includes Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

Sunday on CNN, he said he thinks it’s time to get behind the winner of the race and to respect the democratic process.

He was one of the first Republican leaders to congratulate President-Elect Biden.

“Everyone should want our president to succeed,” he said.

And when asked Sunday if he thinks President Trump should concede, he said yes, he thinks President Trump should acknowledge that he eventually will.

President-Elect Joe Biden took the podium Saturday, promising to serve all Americans, those who voted for him and those who didn’t.

“A victory, for we the people,” Biden said.

Many Maryland elected officials took the opportunity to congratulate the new administration.

“My strategy in politics has been that you work for your party at election time and when the election is over you work together and that’s how you get things done in this country,” said Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, (Md-2).

“We are looking forward to seeing what your administration will do to restore our country’s name,” said Mayor-Elect Brandon Scott.

Gov. Hogan on CNN Sunday said American democracy is more important than any one person or any one election.

When asked, the governor said he hasn’t seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud.

“While I understand the disappointment and frustration from a lot of people that didn’t get the outcome they were hoping for, the most important thing is that we respect our democratic process and we always have had for 200 years a peaceful transition of power and hopefully we’re going to get there, Jake,” Gov. Hogan said.

People around the country took to the streets to celebrate the Biden-Harris win.

In Baltimore, for many, that same sentiment echoed around the city.

“It was a sign of relief. It was the best news of 2020,” said Cory Russell and Monisha Kota, Baltimore City residents.

“We have the first black woman of color, that’s a big deal, we made history, and this is huge for woman all over the world,” said Shelba Stanford and Yoria Belle, Baltimore City residents.

“I felt well represented for the fist time in four years,” said Ashely Hunter, another city resident.

Gov. Hogan said Sunday this election was also significant for Republicans across the country, who gained seats in the House and gained Republican governors. He said he thinks this election was a mandate for “moderation and working together,”

Rachel Menitoff

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  1. Hootie Hoo the Night Owl says:

    There is no widespread fraud. Trump has shown ZERO evidence of any and the popular BS circulating like the “burning of Trump ballots” has been totally debunked. It is perfectly legal to still count votes that arrived by each state’s deadline after that deadline. Any vote that arrived by midnight Friday is a legal vote in Pennsylvania. It is taking longer to count them because so many people voted by mail in & drop box ballots that’s all. That is not fraud.Trunp told his people not to vote that way Biden supporters did.

  2. Slinky says:

    “We have the first black woman of color”. OK

  3. Stacey says:

    Hogan is a liar.

  4. stemarhan says:

    Does anyone really care what Hogan thinks? Just asking.

  5. Bryan says:

    I will be glad when Hogan is a distant memory,

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