TANYETOWN, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland Natural Resources Police charged several people with illegally luring bear with bait during the state’s annual Black Bear Hunt held on Oct. 26-30.

The hunt, which occurs in Allegany, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington counties, harvested 117 black bears, including a 537-pound bear.

117 Black Bears Harvested In Western Maryland Hunt, Largest Bear Weighed In At 537 Pounds
Although these hunters had a permit to hunt, they unlawfully used bait to attract and lure bears to them. Each of the people were charged and fined $500, according to DNR:
  • Robin Carr, 60, and James Mazingo, 54, both of Hagerstown, were observed sitting over a gravity feeder near Resley Road in Hancock, Washington County. The feeder had shelled corn inside and on the ground in front of it. Carr was additionally issued a must-appear citation due to being a repeat offender.
  • Garry Friend, 61, of Hopwood, Pa., and Johnathan Kovach, 24, of Grindstone, Pa. were observed by officers within 49 yards of an area that was baited with fryer grease, icing, and corn, on a property in Friendsville, Garrett County. Police say Friend used a scented and edible oil-based attractant to lure bears. Maryland law requires a hunter and any bear that a hunter shoots to be at least 150 yards from bait placed for other species.
  • Hunter Fushour, 25, of Myersville, was charged by officers investigating possible baiting in the area of Rum Springs Road in Myersville, Frederick County. Fushour admitted to hunting black bears with the use of bait.
  • Richard Garrett, 51, of Thurmont, was observed sitting in a tree above a baited area, on a property near Bear Creek Road in Accident, Garrett County. The baited area consisted of corn, apples, marshmallows, sardines, danishes, cookies, and a sweet-smelling powder substance. Garrett admitted using the bait to try to lure bears.
  • Gary Golden Jr., 37, of Frederick, was charged by officers checking black bear hunters in the area of Savage River State Forest in Garrett County. Officers say Golden was hunting black bears in an area baited with corn, spoiled meat, and assorted food scraps. Golden was additionally cited for using bait in a Maryland state forest.
  • James Hughes Jr., 53, of Gaithersburg; James Reavis, 54, of Edgewater; and Kyle Reavis, 25, of Edgewater; were charged by officers conducting surveillance on a property near Frostburg, Garrett County. Police cited the three for hunting black bears within 150 yards of an area baited with shelled corn and apples.
  • Jack Stitely Jr., 61, of Smithsburg, was observed by police hunting near a corn bait area in Wolfe Road in Smithsburg, Washington County. In addition to locating corn kernels, officers said they found a camouflage handkerchief covered in apple mash in Stitely’s possession.
  • William Wilson, 34, of Pasadena, and William Gray, 59, of Frederick, were seen hunting black bears near an area baited with corn and molasses, near Lower New Germany Road in Garrett County.

CBS Baltimore Staff