By CBS Baltimore Staff

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The NFL is stocked with young talent at the quarterback position right now, as seen by each of the last two MVP winners being 23- and 22-years-old respectively in Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. Mahomes’ star has continued to rise since his MVP year while Jackson’s play has been heavily scrutinized this season.

On Wednesday on ESPN’s Get Up, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety and current NFL analyst Ryan Clark said that if he were starting a franchise, he’d rather have Kyler Murray than Jackson.

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“If Kyler Murray, right now, was the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, we’d have much more confidence in them to win the Super Bowl. Period,” said Clark. “It wouldn’t be a discussion. We wouldn’t be sitting here talking like ‘you know what, yeah they can because the quarterback’s really good because the team’s really good and everybody loves the color purple, it looks good on uniforms,’ He wouldn’t have said all of that. He would have been like if Kyler Murray is the quarterback of this team, I see them in the AFC Championship going toe to toe, head to head with the Kansas City Chiefs because he does add that extra dimension.”

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“This is not knocking Lamar Jackson at all,” continued Clark. “Sometimes you have to choose between Kobe and Shaq or Penny and Shaq. Sometimes you have to decide if you’re going to sign Weezy or Lil’ Turk. And, in making this decision, if you were starting your team, Kyler Murray would be your guy. It’s not that I wouldn’t take Lamar. It’s just that with what I’ve seen from them, even with Lamar winning the MVP, if I had to put one at quarterback and say this guy takes X team to the championship, I’d always pick Kyler Murray first.”

As Clark pointed out, he’s not attempting to besmirch what Lamar has done to this point in his career. Instead, he’s saying he believes Murray’s abilities throwing the football are better than what Lamar brings to the table at this point. In the last few minutes of the clip, you can see similarities between Lamar’s first eight games last season and Murray’s first eight games this year. Murray has seven more touchdowns to this point than Jackson did last year.

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The comparison is an interesting one. Murray, though mobile, isn’t used in the same way in Arizona’s offense as Jackson is in Baltimore. Jackson is probably the more dynamic runner with Murray being the better passer. So, Ravens fans, the question is left to you. Which quarterback would you rather have?

CBS Baltimore Staff