By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It is Friday eve, and it is time for some good weather news. (Especially after the soaking wet gray skies of yesterday.) Because of the cold front that is still bringing us some rain this morning, and high pressure sliding behind it, Tropical Storm ETA will not have any impact on our weekend weather. That forecast is much improved.

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Not unlike the Ravens “O line” blocking out rushing plays and giving Lamar time, that front and high are doing much the same. Sun and clouds the dayside outlook Saturday and Sunday now, with just a mention of a shower Saturday night into Sunday morning because of a warm front lifting over the Mid-Atlantic. Sketchy weekend weather has now become “pretty ok” weather. Not great but “pretty ok.” And if better than that “very OK!”

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Bottom line is you can go out and get some fresh air. Have at it, and just wear the damn mask. Which brings up a final point. Once we get into legit colder weather how long before warm lined damn mask’s hit the shelves. I bet they are being made now! Kind of like a 2020 version of a muffler. Ewww, old school word.

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