ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Governor Larry Hogan made the rounds on cable news and sounded the alarm as cases of the coronavirus surged in Maryland and new restrictions went into effect Friday night.

“It’s spiking out of control all across the country,” he told FOX News. “We’re at kind of the worst part of the health crisis,” Hogan said on CNBC.

The Maryland Department of Health recorded 2,353 new infections. That is the second most ever reported in a single day. Deaths are at their highest level since June.


25 more people died between Thursday and Friday in the state.


The positivity rate, although down slightly, remains above seven percent. Baltimore City alone has recorded a 304 percent increase in cases in the past four weeks.


Health officials are concerned about increasing spread from holiday gatherings.

WJZ caught up with Melissa Doughty as she shopped for a smaller Thanksgiving this year.


“I am concerned. My entire family is immunocompromised so we are taking extra precautions,” she said.

Several new restrictions went into effect Friday night statewide.

Bars and restaurants must close between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. There are exceptions for carryout and delivery.

Retail establishments and religious facilities are limited to 50 percent capacity. No fans are allowed at stadiums and racetracks.

Some counties have gone beyond the statewide limits: Anne Arundel County is restricting restaurants to 25 percent capacity for indoor dining.


The governor defended the rollbacks as necessary.

“Well, look, you’re never going to make everybody happy. These are terrible decisions. It’s a choice between a bad choice and a bad choice,” Hogan told FOX News. “…There’s a few on one side who think we’re not doing enough. There are a few on the other side who think we’re doing too much. I don’t really care what people think. We’re just making decisions based on all the best advice and we’re hoping to get it right.”

Mike O’Halloran, who advocates for small businesses as the Maryland chair of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), said the added restrictions could put some out of business for good.

“The restrictions are certainly going to hurt. As I said earlier in the week when the announcement was first made, it is going to be a tough pill to swallow for small business owners,” O’Halloran said. “…A lot of these Main Street restaurants don’t have access to outdoor dining. It’s really going to hurt an industry that’s hanging on by a thread.“

He said there is an urgent need for federal stimulus and praised the resilience of Maryland small businesses and urged people to “shop small” to keep them afloat.

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

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  1. A senior citizen says:

    At the closest testing center to me there is a 2 hour wait to take a test you get results of in 3-5 days…………and that is the best Hogan can do? People are sleeping in their cars to be first in line in the morning and miss less work. As cold as it is that is not an option for seniors like us to sleep in that cold and no bathroom? It’s like it used to be for Russians waiting in lines to get bread …….. only it’s Americans waiting for hours to wait days to get a test back for a deadly disease. Well that Trump’s great America huh?

  2. King Julian says:

    so why are you getting tested, do you have symptoms, are you sick, do you really need a test when there is no treatment for covid.

  3. Retired teacher says:

    This country is in sad shape. When asked by a neighbor I volunteered at her church’s food bank distribution this morning as they needed extra hands. To see so many Americans, many of whom I know as good people, lined up to get food was just heartbreaking. I taught at the local elementary school for over thirty years, so I taught some of them and many of their kids. We live in a rural area dotted with small towns, not a large metro area. It was especially sad how many of the people were seniors and families with kids. Some of them actually apologized for needing food. Let me tell you, that’s a tear jerker and I just wish I could have hugged them all. Do Trump and his fans seriously think long food lines (and we ran out of food to give them) is great???

  4. Retired teacher says:

    There is treatment for COVID, why would you think there isn’t? Trump got Remdesivir which has received an emergency authorization from the FDA. Do try to keep up! It is not 100% effective, lots of people still die.

    It is important to get tested because one is most contagious prior to developing symptoms and some spreading it never develop symptoms. It is important to know if you are positive as you should self quarantine if you are, especially with the most vulnerable segment of the population. ANYONE can get COVID.

    1. King Julian says:

      so if you get tested one day and its negative you need to test everyday since it has a possible 14 day incubation period, there is no effective treatment. wearing a mask is the most effective way to stopo the spread, 50% of Americans refuse to wear a mask.

  5. stemarhan says:

    What happened to all the testing equipment Hogan allegedly received from his “in laws”? Or is he still allegedly “hiding” them from the Federal government?

  6. Geoff Wolfe says:

    When schools are closed (where people wear masks) & deemed non essential and bars (where people do NOT wear masks) are deemed essential and are open something is totally messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is effective (for most) treatment for Covid but there is no miracle cure yet and there may never be who knows.Going on a respirator is also treatment (besides drugs) some very sick people need. The thousands of people currently in hospitals for Covid are receiving treatment that’s why they are there. Anyone who gets it goes to the hospital and comes home alive received effective treatment for it. They do not know why some previously healthy people die from it and some have minimal or no symptoms & recover. Some people have long term symptoms and some don’t they don’t know why. It is like the common cold in that way we have no cure for that just treatments that work for most.

    Many testing centers have long waits & limited numbers they can do before they run out. There can be a long wait to get results We will see a huge spike from the idiots who do Thanksgiving like nothing is wrong

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