By CBS Baltimore Staff

Hi Everyone!

Thanksgiving week has begun. It began for me, not due to a calendar, but rather a few social media posts I saw first thing this morning. What I saw were posts of frozen turkey in the very first stages of being thawed out. At a defrosting rate of 24 hours in the fridge for each 5 pounds of bird ya gotta plan ahead.

And just like that the march to Thanksgiving is on.

Rain is leaving the are as we speak and a bit of a chill down is on the way before a nice mild up leading to, and through, Thanksgiving occurs. There is some rain in the Thursday forecast but early on with a dry afternoon expected. That dry weather is also expected in Pittsburgh when the Ravens go at it with the

Yinzers that night. Good football weather with the Steelers for desert. Between the mild/warm up, and the game, at least our Thanksgiving 2020 here in Charm City will not be as 2020 odd feeling as it could be. Shoutout Mother Nature.


CBS Baltimore Staff