By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

I am taking your way inside the TV ropes today. I am not going to lie to you while we are on the air hours at a time, during recorded news stories and in commercial breaks, we talk a lot. I have heard surgeons do that too.

Hours of high stress need a release.

Today for a couple of hours the game of Chess dominated the conversation. (It had to do with the Netflix show, “The Queens Gambit” which is the new must see on demand TV. It is about a young lady who is one of the best in America at that game.)

And I got to thinking Chess and weather are very similar.

One action begets another. Both are finite, and both take place in a limited space. And the game is subject to interpretation. And THAT variable in thinking separates the pro’s. Not from the wannabe’s but from themselves. In other words how do you see that front reacting with the intense Summer heat coming off the Great Plains? How do you see that front pushing through an onshore flow. It gets mindboggling.

And even with a very straight forward forecast as we have for this Thanksgiving holiday how will even one degree of difference between my forecast high and someone else’s playout. Do we make the call for 67° where someone else may say, nah too many early clouds make mine 65°. Who attacks the thinking and who defends. Ultimately who is right.

And it is a game that everyone in the world is affected by or thinks about.

The discussion for Thanksgiving day is when do wet skies clear out. There is a thinking this morning that the blue skies, clearing, may take a while to post. Earlier the outlook was “by lunchtime.” But are increased amounts of total rainfall in the computer modeling telling us Mom Nature is slowing things up. So if Sun is delayed will we get to the now forecast high of 67ׄ°? Or is there just more moisture coming in on a big push of warm air? Who will be the first to change the interpretation of the data to a different outlook?

This Thursdays forecast, either way, is not a severe example, but you just wait till the first potential snowfall of the season. The public positioning by weather folk will be intense, and who will get bragging rights in the weather world for being the most on point. . Like Chess, and life, it’s all a game.