By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It is Thanksgiving eve! It is quiet, it is calm, and it is mild. Today near 60°. Tomorrow near 70°.

Chestnuts roasting, not so much. People toasting yep. The ugly Christmas sweaters will be staying in the drawer this first weekend of the holiday season. Next week not so much.

A definite turn down to the 40’s is on the way. And wearing those fun sweaters will be too.

For now just a bit of rain to fall during the overnight hours and hopefully out of here by Noonish. Pretty quiet, pretty calm.

So for all of us who work the morning shift here on TV Hill, to you and  yours, we hope you have some fun, some laughs, and some love  this Thanksgiving 2020.

Thanks for being with us, and  thanks for the support. We all have pushed a little harder to get the job done this year and it helps knowing you are there.

Stay safe, we like your company.