BALTIMORE (WJZ) — I really hope you got to enjoy that gift of sunny skies and mild temps yesterday. Today and the weekend will be just as calm, but cooler.

But calm, and sun thru the last weekend of November works for me. The low 60’s today is still 10° above normal. Even the 56° on Sunday a few degrees higher than the baseline.

Not only is this the last weekend of November but on Monday we will take the last day of hurricane season off the calendar too. Given the amount of storms this year we are so lucky, here in the Mid-Atlantic, to have had such a calm tropical season. But we all certainly got our education on the Greek alphabet late in that season didn’t we?

Up next is Winter, and Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram has crunched some data, and has developed our Winter outlook. Chels will be rolling that out to you over the next week or so. I will not spoil her surprise, and hard work. But let’s just say, given no huge change in the Earth itself, i.e. weather patterns, you beach bums, like me, will be quite pleased.

Now it is off to the weekend. Y’all have a fun one, stay socially distanced, and stay safe. T.G.I.F.! Ain’t it the truth!