By CBS Baltimore Staff

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens fans were a bit annoyed with FOX announcer Joe Buck on Tuesday night when he invoked the “announcer’s jinx” in mentioning that Tucker hadn’t missed a field goal inside of 40 yards since 2016. Tucker of course missed the 36-yarder immediately after Buck had said that, causing fans to take to Twitter complaining Buck had jinxed him.

The veteran play-by-play man, well known for his sarcastic sense of humor, steered fully into the complaints in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina on Wednesday.

“There are few things I relish more than affecting the outcome of kicks, no-hitters, wins and losses from the broadcast booth. It’s fun. It’s power that cannot fall into the wrong hands. Think about it—had I not said what I said, Justin would have made the kick. There is zero doubt,” Buck said to Traina. “I have sent a letter of apology to Tucker, the Ravens, their fans and Kim Jung Un (just to be safe). I’m most fun at parties. All I have to do is say it and it the opposite happens. Please, Jimmy, don’t let this secret get out. I beg you. People’s lives and careers are at stake and I’m tired of being asked to parties.”

As Buck pointed out, the Ravens kicker had the lesser of the struggles in the kicking game on Tuesday night. Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein missed three field goals. And, in the end, the Ravens got the win to improve to 7-5.

CBS Baltimore Staff