CLEVELAND (WJZ) — When Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson disappeared late in Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns, fans began speculating what led him to leave the field.

Some fans believed he left to go use the bathroom.

On Tuesday morning, Jackson tweeted, “Y’all trippin I definitely wasn’t taking a [enter poop emoji]”

It was ultimately a calf cramps that sent him to the locker room, he said.

“I started cramping on the field,” Jackson said. “The two passes I threw, right before those passes to Willie and Mark, the overthrows, I was cramping (in) my throwing arm.”

Jackson said his legs then started cramping. He left the field and went to the locker room for treatment and stretching.


In the fourth quarter, he returned after backup quarterback Trace McSorley got hurt and it appeared the team would be left without a quarterback.

He also denied using the bathroom during the postgame press conference:

“I was cramping,” he repeated following a reporter’s question about the bathroom rumor. “I wasn’t pulling a Paul Pierce.”

The Ravens went on to beat the Browns 47-42.

CBS Baltimore Staff