BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — A recent shooting involving an FBI agent on a Metro subway train appears to have followed a verbal exchange between the agent and the passenger who was shot, police for the transit system said Friday.

The detail from Tuesday morning’s shooting in Maryland was released in a statement by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The statement also said the unidentified man who was shot is stable.

Friday’s statement said that a man had approached the unidentified FBI agent as the train neared Medical Center Station in Bethesda.

“Following a verbal exchange, multiple shots were fired by the agent, striking the passenger,” the news release said. “The gunshot victim and FBI agent both exited the train on the platform at Medical Center at approximately 6:41 a.m.”

Metro Transit Police Department said that it is holding the train at a local rail yard for evidence processing. It also said it has reviewed videotapes and taken statements from Metro employees, passengers, and others.

“We are committed to transparency and releasing as many facts as we can without compromising this criminal investigation” Metro Transit Police Chief Ronald Pavlik, Jr. said. “We expect to provide another update on Monday.”

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