BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Ravens’ three-game winning streak and blowout win over the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday has fans feeling pretty good about the team’s recent performance. But, with two games remaining, even if the team wins out, they need some help in order to make the postseason — a fact that head coach John Harbaugh acknowledged in his Monday afternoon press conference.

The unfortunate part for Ravens fans? That help has to come from a hated division rival.

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The Steelers face both the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns in the next two weeks. Coincidentally, the Ravens need one of those teams to lose to move up in the playoff picture in the AFC. If both were to lose, the Ravens could jump all the way up to the fifth seed in the AFC making for a date against, most likely, the Tennessee Titans.

It is a bit of cruel irony that the Ravens need the Steelers help to get better position in the playoffs but that is how things have played out this season. If the Steelers were to lose both of those games, it’s highly unlikely the Ravens get higher than the seventh seed in the AFC. They would need the Browns to lose to the 1-13 New York Jets this Sunday and the Colts to lose to the 1-13 Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 17.

The team doesn’t just need help from the Steelers however. Ravens fans will also have to be either Las Vegas Raiders fans (Week 16) or Buffalo Bills fans (Week 17) as those two teams face the Miami Dolphins in their remaining games. If Miami wins out and the Colts and Browns do as well, then the Ravens, even at 11-5, would miss the playoffs.

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So, say it with us Ravens fans…..go Steelers?

CBS Baltimore Staff