By Marty Bass

Tonight is the “great conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter!

You have been hearing about this for a while and it is finally happening tonight.

Sorry to say we will have clouds and showers around, but the truth is tomorrow just after sunset, and the same deal on Wednesday, you will be able to see Jupiter and Saturn appear right next to each other.

Saturn and Jupiter planets in L’Aquila, Italy, on December 20, 2020. The planets are getting closer every day until the historical conjunction on December 21, 2020. (Photo by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

This has not happened in 400 years. But remember this is all from the Earth’s perspective.

In reality, the planets are 450 million miles apart and Jupiter is 550 million miles from Earth.

But again, from our point of view, it will look like they are colliding.

Jupiter and Saturn will overlap in the sky tonight: “Aligned just right”

Together Saturn and Jupiter will look quite bright and it is being called the Christmas Star of 2020.

And there is discussion if a conjunction of planets could have been the actual ‘Christmas Star.”

Either way, it is going to be something to take a look at. And speaking of which, credit to where credit is due — morning news crew member Chris Hagen mused a fact just as amazing.

He points out that with your little eye, you can see an object 550 million miles away and a companion 950 million miles away.

And that my friends, to take a word from times gone by is “mind-blowing.”