FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Frederick County Public Schools is suspending small group instruction and winter sports practices due to worsening health metrics in the county, according to school officials.

This announcement came Sunday morning with the changes to take effect on Monday, January 4.

Teachers will be allowed to use their classrooms to provide instruction and staff may access buildings as needed, however telework is encouraged if it is possible.

Students who need internet to access remote learning will still be permitted in school buildings.

According to Frederick County Public Schools, during the last three days, COVID-19 metrics from the Frederick County Health Department and the CDC have increased or reached all-time highs.

School officials say they will continue to monitor the health metrics and work with Frederick County Health Department to determine when small groups can return to classrooms and when winter sports practices can resume.

Frederick County Public Schools announced that current county health metrics affected the ability to implement a hybrid model of instruction as they originally planned.

More details regarding a new schedule for the transition to the hybrid model will be shared later this week, according to officials.